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Colorado Democrats call Larimer County sheriff's statement 'irresponsible' description of their work

"State Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver and sponsor of the bill in the House, said Smith's characterization that it stops police from arresting people for drug misdemeanors is "an urban legend," and "irresponsible to spread as a law enforcement officer."


"That is irresponsible. That is not real, and it has no basis in facts about what the bill does," Herod said. "If he wants to talk about the bill or needs help reading through it, I'm happy to do so."


"Instead, the law is aimed at helping people be contributing members of society, without a felony conviction hanging over their head, she said. Felony convictions can be a huge barrier to gainful employment, which can lead to recidivism, Herod said."


"The law aims to break that cycle, ease jail and prison overcrowding, and allow non-violent drug offenders to to get help. In short, she said, it treats addiction like a public health issue. If a person has multiple possession charges or the possession is tied to violence or an intent to distribute, they'll face stiffer penalties."



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