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Colorado has one of the best election systems in the country, but Democratic lawmakers want to make

“Young people are the primary beneficiaries of automatic voter registration,” said Lizzy Stephan, executive director of New Era Colorado, a nonprofit that advocates for young voters. “This just streamlines everything and conforms to what voters already expect.”

"Colorado Republicans, meanwhile, have raised concern that the proposal may lead to registering non-citizens to vote and removes personal responsibility from voters."

"Also making its way through the legislative process is a bill that would allow parolees to vote."

“Giving them their right to vote back is really empowering,” said state Rep. Leslie Herod, a Denver Democrat. “I don’t think this is a party issue. It’s about getting people to vote.”

"According to an ACLU of Colorado estimate, about 10,000 parolees would be eligible to vote if the bill becomes law."

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