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Net neutrality measure moves to Polis' desk

"It is so vital that we move forward with Senate Bill 78 this year, and the key reason is because of work the General Assembly has recently done on broadband deployment around the state," said Rep. Chris Hansen, D-Denver, who introduced the bill with Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver, and Democratic Sens. Jeff Bridges of Greenwood Village, and Kerry Donovan, whose district includes Delta County."


"We have set aside nearly $170 million to support new internet connections, broadband deployment to every corner of Colorado," Hansen said. "That was an incredibly important step that we took together as a General Assembly, but there was one important problem that we didn't address, and that is, what happens if we get in a situation where one of those new providers decides to offer service that's not net neutral."


"Net neutrality standards require telecommunications companies to treat all internet communications equally, and not hinder an open internet by charging more or disrupting service based on specific users, websites, competing companies or any other method of communication on the internet because of competition concerns."



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