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Recovering Addict Says Felony Drug Charge Bill Would Help, Not Hurt

"We have a leg up where it concerns understanding what our folks have been through and what they’re probably going to face in their challenges after incarceration,” Latif said. “We have about 1,300 client visits a month. We have a recidivism rate over the last four years of under 10 percent.”

"It’s because of his experiences he’s supporting House Bill 1263. Rep. Leslie Herod is leading the effort to change some small drug possession charges into misdemeanors. Advocates say it would help a few hundred people a year avoid prison time."

"Some law enforcement agencies say they’re worried about public safety."

“They think if you incarcerate someone with a drug problem that solves the problem. It really doesn’t solve the problem, in fact, most times it probably aggravates it,” Latif said. “This is the only disease, addiction that is still treated punitively.”

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