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INSIGHTS | Lawmakers are quietly reshaping Colorado justice

"Beneath the big headlines of this legislative session -- drilling fights, full-day kindergarten, sex ed and the red-flag gun bill -- is an undercurrent of deep political and social change for Colorado."

"Quietly, bills large and small are being hammered out in Denver to reshape how criminal justice is carried out. Those pushing the agenda aren't just the usual back-bench liberals, either."

"Thirty years ago, when I started covering politics, any legislation or law that helped criminals was toxic to aspiring politicians. The only good crime bill was one that locked up offenders for as long as possible in the name of safe streets, no matter the price to families, society or taxpayers."

"That’s clearly changed in Colorado."

"Statehouse rock star Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver, as I have said before, is a future member of Congress, if not the governor’s office. She courts allies on both sides of the aisle and universally enjoys the respect of her colleagues."

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