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Last-Minute Senate Budget Deal May Not Withstand House Scrutiny

"But now it’s the House’s turn to take up the budget bill, and several Democrats, who hold the majority in that chamber, are skeptical of the late compromise."


“When I heard of the deal that was struck, my question was, ‘where is the money coming from?’” said Democratic Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver, the chair of the House Finance Committee. “Putting it back on the governor’s office to find the funding... is not the way the process works. It’s very important that we understand where these cuts are coming from and approve them.”


"The Senate’s Democratic leaders agreed to a Republican request to add an extra $106 million to transportation spending, to bring the total to $336 million in this budget. The money is not earmarked for particular infrastructure projects or transit, and the amendment doesn’t specify which state programs the governor’s office should cut to pay for it."


"Herod said this type of amendment has been proposed in previous budget debates."


“We’ve seen them in the House and we haven’t passed them.”



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