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Viral speech details how women have to barter for tampons in Colorado jails because period products

"A Colorado state representative has garnered viral attention online for a speech about the need for period products in jails as the lawmakers appear poised to increase the number of free tampons and pads available to inmates."

"Rep. Leslie Herod, a Denver Democrat, grabbed the attention of viral video site “Now This” last week. The accompanying video had been viewed about 150,000 times as of Monday morning."

“Yes, a lot of people don’t want to talk about it,” Herod said in the speech. “But I say, if you don’t want to say the word ‘tampon,’ then you shouldn’t restrict access to one.”

"Holding up tampons and pads, Herod said inmates have bartered and traded hygiene products within Colorado facilities. In some cases, women traded sex for tampons, she said. In other cases, women who soiled their clothes because they didn’t have period products were punished."

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