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Gov. Polis signs bill adding new judges statewide

"The bill, partially introduced by Rep. Matt Soper, R-Delta, prevents judges from imposing cash bonds on defendants for minor traffic or petty offenses, thus keeping them out of overcrowded jails because of an inability to pay."


"Every night, thousands of Coloradans awaiting trial for minor offenses languish in jail simply because they can't afford to get out," said Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver, who introduced the bill with Soper. "We are caging the poor and the homeless, not for their crimes, but for their poverty. Poverty is not a crime."


"Soper and Herod also are working on a related measure, HB1226, a bill that would require all counties to have pretrial services programs similar to one already in existence in Mesa County."


"That bill is still being debated in committee."



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