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House OKs bill requiring free tampons at Colorado jails

March 20, 2019


"In 2017, Herod secured a budget amendment to cover the cost for women in state facilities, estimating at the time it would cost $40,000 out of the Department of Corrections’ $28 million budget."


"She said Tuesday the Department of Corrections has reported no issues with providing the products."


“I can only imagine what it must be like for a women to be denied access to feminine hygiene products that she needs, because she can’t afford to pay for them,” Herod said."


“Even further, we found that women who soiled their clothes because they didn’t have access to the right products were being sanctioned and denied access to the commissary in some places. ... That is so humiliating.”


"She said women have to plead their case for a tampon, often to male staff, “creating a situation that’s breeding this inhumane treatment of women.”


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