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Colorado’s prisons offer free tampons to female inmates. The state’s jails might soon be required to as well.


“The most concerning piece about not having tampons and other menstruation products provided in confinement are manyfold,” said state Rep. Leslie Herod, a Denver Democrat who is leading the push for the measure. “… Women (in prison) were actually having to barter with tampons because they became a commodity. In corrections, if you restrict the use of something — or access to something — it tends to have a monetary value almost.”


"Herod said she found that the need was so great that some women were even trading sex for tampons. Her goal with House Bill 1224 is to “ensure that we have consistent policies across the state of Colorado.”


"The legislation would also require the Colorado Department of Corrections, which oversees the state’s prisons, offer free tampons to female inmates."


"In Colorado, jails overseen by local governments are where inmates are housed while they await trial or where they serve shorter sentences. Policies around distribution of feminine hygiene products, and the types offered, vary from county to county."



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