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Anti-Poverty Advocates Push Bill To Force Judges To Ditch Cash Bail For Petty Crimes

 "House Bill 19-1225 has bipartisan sponsorship. The measure gets its first hearing in the state House on Thursday, where the judiciary committee is expected to vote."


"It is unacceptable to punish those who have the presumption of innocence simply because they’re poor,” said state Rep. Leslie Herod, of Denver, who is sponsoring the measure. "Poverty is not a crime."


"Backers also argue the proposal is a way to safely decrease jail overcrowding and save counties money. It can cost between $50 and $90 per day to keep someone locked up. Colorado’s county jail population has skyrocketed and many are frequently over-capacity."


"Opponents of the bill say it removes important discretion that should be in the hands of judges, and that it could violate the state Constitution’s guarantee of local control."




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