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Denver voted for funding for hunger, mental health and other programs and now city council has put t

"Almost $12 million was appropriated for the healthy food fund and $37 million for Caring 4 Denver for 2019. The parks fund got just over $37 million and the college fund almost $12 million for the year."

"Denver voters approved a citizen-led initiative to increase the sales tax by .08 percent to create the healthy kids fund. A 13-member Denver Food Commission will be created to review applications and make grants to nonprofits and others who are already feeding kids from low-income families, holding cooking classes and doing other work to reduce hunger."

"State Rep. Leslie Herod was a powerful voice for Caring 4 Denver, another citizen initiative. It increased the sales tax by .25 percent to improve mental and behavioral health care services. Another 13-member board will administer its grants, to organizations working in mental health care, addiction reduction, housing and other areas."

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