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Bill would place more judges in stressed judicial districts

"The 10 districts named in the funding request were among 13 in the state staffed below 80 percent and needing at least one additional judge to handle caseloads, the document says."


"The longer cases take to move through the system, Ryan said, the greater level of strain on the public, such as victims of crimes who can be re-traumatized by drawn-out proceedings or, similarly, child victims of neglect, who may go without timely resolutions to their cases."


“If the appropriate attention is not being placed on every single case,” said State Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver, one of the bill's sponsors, “then we are not doing justice.”


"Herod thinks the number of judges proposed in the 10 districts is appropriate, although she said they were conservative in some areas."


"Ultimately, Herod believes the legislation offers a straightforward solution to what she described as an issue of due process. Additional judges mean more people available to preside over cases and process them faster. Bill failure, she said, will only result in further delays to justice."


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