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Black History Highlight: Colorado’s ‘Historic Eight’


"DENVER — Throughout the month of February, we are celebrating the contributions African-Americans make in Colorado with the series Black History highlights. This week, we are focusing on the Historic Eight at the Colorado State Capitol."


"It's not unusual to see what looks and sounds like a group of old friends inside one of Denver’s breakfast spots. If you listen closely and really get a good look, clues will tell you this isn’t a group of old friends. When the group leaves breakfast, they’ll step into the State Capitol. At that point, it’s not a group of old friends, but state legislators and senators."


"The group includes the following eight lawmakers:"

  • Rep. Leslie Herod from District 8

  • State Rep. Janet Buckner from District 40

  • State Rep. Jovan Melton from District 41

  • State Rep. Tony Exum Sr. from District 17

  • State Rep. Dominique Jackson from District 42

  • State Rep. James Coleman from District 7

  • Sen. Angela Williams is from District 33

  • Sen. Rhonda Fields from District 29



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