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Friednash: Why we should care if that ex-convict can get a job in Colorado

"HB 1025 includes an exemption for when a person with a criminal history is prohibited by law from being employed in a particular job, or when an employer is required by law to conduct a criminal background check for a particular position. For example, public school teacher applications are exempt because state law dictates that certain convictions are disqualifying."

"Rep. Leslie Herod, one of the prime sponsors of the bill, summarizes the purpose as “simply about giving people a chance. A chance to tell their story face-to-face with a prospective employer, and a chance to get to work.”

"Why should we care?"

"Our communal interest in a robust economy, strengthening families, and improving the safety of our neighborhoods requires us to think outside of the box. People with jobs contribute to the economy, instead of draining it, are less likely to commit a crime and return to prison."

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#LeslieHerod #BantheBox #criminaljusticereform #SecondChances

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