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Continuing Challenges with Ban-The-Box Laws Highlight Urgent Need to Work with Third-Party Screener;

"In the halls of the Colorado legislation the enthusiasm for a new Ban-the-Box law has reached fevered pitch and pundits are confident of its passage."

"Representative Leslie Herod, D-Denver, has put forth a bill, HB19-1025, that would ban the question of criminal background history from employment applications."

"From the Denver Post, January 29, 2019:"

"This bill does not require anyone to give anyone a job," Herod said. "It just allows them to have a face-to-face conversation."

"Herod's bill would prohibit most employers across Colorado from including questions about criminal history on initial job applications. The bill makes exceptions for jobs like teachers and bankers because state law says certain convictions are disqualifying. (1)"

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