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State Lawmakers: Criminal History Box On Applications Needs To Go

January 30, 2019

"The bill still allows employers to run background checks and ask about criminal history in interviews, but it gives those like Dybing a foot in the door."


“There is no forgiveness in our nation right now and this is one small step towards forgiveness, towards knowing that people can change their lives.”


"Criminal history questions are already banned on state government applications and 12 other states have passed similar laws. While the bill has failed twice before at the State Capitol, this year it has support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and no opposition from business groups."


"It is a first step by lawmakers to help people with criminal records rebuild their lives. There will also be a bill this session to remove criminal history questions on college applications."


"The bill passed its first hurdle in the House Judiciary Committee, 8-3, Tuesday night."


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