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Struck down twice in Colorado, the 'Ban the Box' bill makes a comeback this week

"Two state Democratic state representatives will be presenting a bill Tuesday that could change what job applications look like in Colorado. Its goal is to give people with a criminal history a better chance at landing a job. The Colorado Chance to Compete Act (HB19-1025) is also known informally across the country as Ban the Box legislation. Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver) is one of the sponsors, along with Rep. Jovan Melton (D-Aurora)."

"You can't ask if someone has a criminal history on the initial application," Herod said. "Of course employers can ask at other times or run background checks."

"The aims to get rid of the box that asks about criminal history, which would give people with a criminal history a better chance to compete with others during the interview process, Herod believes. It would also provide applicants a chance to talk to potential employers face to face and explain what happened."

"The number one factor of decreasing recidivism, which is the likelihood that someone will go back to jail, is their employment," Herod said."

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