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State Representative Leslie Herod Has a Story to Share

"The 2019 session, which began this past month, will be a pivotal period for Herod. She’s coming off a big win: The Caring 4 Denver campaign not only passed in the November election, but it did so with 70 percent of the vote. “I was shocked by the margin,” Herod says. “It just reinforced that Denverites do care about each other.” This session, Herod will be busy as the vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee and chair of the House Finance Committee. She’ll also lead the Colorado black caucus, keep up her criminal justice system work with bills on bail reform, and try to pass bills concerning tax reform, equal pay, and a childcare tax credit."


"She’s elusive about her future plans, as politicians tend to be. That’s because it’s not a good idea to play one’s hand too early, and because so much of politics is about timing. “I want to continue to serve the people of House District 8 until they are done with me or term limits come,” Herod says. “One thing I will say is that I always want to be tied to Colorado. This is my home.”


"Perhaps that is why, as she speaks to students in that northeast Denver classroom this past May, she’s so insistent that the students be bold. She sees herself in their futures. She hopes to continue advocating for them at the Capitol. She knows that positive words from adults and mentors can create a positive influence that lasts for years. And, perhaps most of all, she knows how much of an impact her words can make. By the end of the period, she’s tried to make eye contact with every student in the room. That connection matters as she finishes her story with a simple message: “I expect you to lead.”


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