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THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Lawmakers seek to limit employer queries about criminal records

"State Reps. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, and Leslie Herod, D-Denver, introduced a bill earlier this month that would prevent most employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal history during the beginning stages of the hiring process."


“What we are aiming to do is give people an opportunity to at least get their foot in the door when they’re applying for a position,” Melton said."


"The proposed measure, HB-1025, would bar employers from stipulating in advertisements or on employment applications that a person with a criminal history cannot apply for a job. It would also prevent employers from asking about a person’s criminal past at the very beginning of the hiring process."


"Employers would be able to conduct background checks anytime after an application has been submitted."


"The “Colorado Chance to Compete Act,” comes with several exceptions, however, including employers that specifically participate in government programs created to hire people charged with crimes, and positions that are legally bound to be vetted at the beginning of the hiring process."


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