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Women make history in Colorado legislature with more serving than ever before

January 4, 2019

"This session, more women are serving than ever before. Women now make up 45 percent of the overall state legislature, which is the highest percentage of any legislature in the country."


"In the House, 33 out of 65 seats are held by women. In the Senate, 12 out of 35 seats are occupied by women."


“I am so excited that we have such a difference caucus in the state House this year," said Rep. Leslie Herod. “We are led by women on the Democratic side, which is phenomenal to see and effective.”


"This isn’t the first time the Colorado General Assembly has made history. It was the first state to have women serve in the legislature back in 1895."


"Women are also holding more power positions like Speaker of the House and majority and minority whip. Women are serving as the Minority Caucus Chair and the Assistant Majority Leader as well."


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