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2019 CAPITOL PREVIEW | Committee picks set themes for the session

"With 14 minorities in the 41-member Democratic House caucus, Speaker-designee KC Becker of Boulder has ensured that committee leadership will reflect that diversity, selecting minority members as chairs or vice-chairs of nine of the 11 "committees of reference" -- committees that meet during the session to consider legislation and provide agency oversight."

"Business Affairs will be chaired by Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp of Arvada, who has been at that committee’s helm for the past two sessions. Aiding her as vice-chair: Rep. James Coleman of Denver, who is African American."

"Rep. Barbara McLachlan of Durango will chair Education, with Rep.-electBri Buentello, who is Hispanic, as vice-chair."

"Energy and Environment will be chaired by Rep. Dominique Jackson of Aurora, who is black."

"Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver, who is African American, has been tagged with two committee leadership positions. She will chair the Finance Committee and will be vice-chair of the Judiciary Committee. Rep.-electKerry Tipper of Lakewood, who is Hispanic, will serve on Finance."

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