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How the death by suicide of a 9-year-old boy has changed a community in the wake of tragedy

"Colorado State Representative Leslie Herod, who had founded Caring 4 Denver right before Jamel took his life, took similarly swift action after his death. “When I started Caring 4 Denver, I wasn’t focused on suicide,” Herod tells Yahoo Lifestyle. But Jamel’s death changed that. Now, Caring 4 Denver will raise $45 million per year to fund mental health and addiction services for children and adults, a large amount of which will go to aiding youth, including for suicide prevention."


“Jamel had gone to a couple days of school. But his school counselor was coming Friday. He needed that counselor Monday or Tuesday,” Herod says. “And then we realized that we don’t have enough mental health and addiction counselors in our schools. In fact we have more law enforcement than we do counselors in our schools right now. And that needed to change.”


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