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Feds question Denver's drug plan

"Those injecting methamphetamine, cocaine or other drugs for which there is no counteragent are also welcome to use the facility. The Denver facility likewise would welcome users of any drug, not just opioids."


"The agencies said their statement should not be "read as casting aspersions on the laudable motives of those seeking to improve our communities and free Coloradans from the scourge of drug addiction."


"That is, however, how it was received by those working to set up the pilot program."


"That was a pretty inflammatory statement," said state Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver, who has worked on the supervised injection site issue at the city and state level. "It seems to me they don't grasp the evidence behind supervised injection sites."


"Herod and state Sen.-elect Brittany Pettersen traveled to Vancouver last year to study the overall community impact, as well as saving the lives of addicts and connecting them to treatment. She and Pettersen will sponsor legislation to augment Denver's plan as well as set guidelines for other local governments to follow."


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