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How well did Trump, Obama do on backing Colorado candidates?

"The rest of One Colorado’s endorsements included state Senate candidates Donovan, Danielson, Story and Pettersen, as well as Leroy Garcia, Pete Lee, Robert Rodriguez and Julie Gonzales."

"Other House candidates endorsed by One Colorado were Bridges, Roberts, Michaelson-Jenet, Gray, McLachlan, Snyder, Caraveo, Mullica, Bird, Sullivan, Galindo, Susan Lontine, Alec Garnett, Chris Hansen, James Coleman, Leslie Herod, Edie Hooten, Jonathan Singer, KC Becker, Chris Kennedy, Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Adrienne Benavidez, Mike Weissman, Janet Buckner, Jovan Melton, Dominique Jackson, Daneya Esgar, Joann Ginal, Jeni Arndt, Don Valdez, Serena Gonzales-Gutirrez, Alex Valdez, Emily Sirota, Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Monica Duran, Brianna Titone, Kerry Tipper, Bri Buentello and Julie McClusky."

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