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Denver is closer to being among the first U.S. cities to set up a supervised drug use site

"So the question is where people go after using safely to get long-term help. The answer, for some, will be nowhere. They may repeat the cycle of using to avoid withdrawal, but better in the presence of people who can save their lives than in a bathroom somewhere, Raville said."

"A measure known as “Caring for Denver” passed Tuesday to fund mental health. That gives Brooks confidence despite the lack of services."

“While that’s an issue, there’s a lot of hope that I’m being given from Caring for Denver, and an ordinance like this pushing the system and putting a light on the system that we do have huge issues — Medicaid, lack of ID, things like that — for treatment,” he said."

"The ordinance could free up political will to fund more treatment centers down the road, Brooks said."

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