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Primary Elections – Jared Polis Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate

Jared Polis wants you to know he doesn’t answer to anyone but the people of Colorado. No “special interests” or corporations. No big individual donors. He says he’s unshackled and that’s why his campaign for governor has prioritized small meet-and-greet events with voters across the state instead of big-donor fundraisers. He could be spending time at Denver steakhouses courting support from millionaires, he says, but he insists that’s not the kind of person or politician he is.

As Polis tells it, he’s about bold ideas like Medicare for all, a statewide transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040, and free universal pre-K and kindergarten.

He was the first openly gay parent in Congress and supported legalized cannabis and marriage equality before both causes were fashionable. He says he went maverick five years ago by rallying against the oil and gas industry with concerns about the environmental and public health threats of fracking.

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