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The Sixth Annual Mother’s High Tea: Tea Along The Silk Road

“It’s not a High Tea in terms of consumption of getting high,” remarked Susan Squibb, founder of the event, “We welcome children and families as a celebration of mothers and fertility and creativity, and we don’t allow consumption.” Events like Mother’s High Tea “let everyone know how important it is to have cannabis education for all ages,” added Rachael Carlevale, Ganjasana Founder and member of the Mother’s High Tea Leadership Committee

High Tea normalizes the conversation around cannabis and those who advocate for and work within the industry without having to be engulfed in cannabis use. Instead, women (and men) of all ages (yes, it is a family-friendly event) are invited to join a group of their peers for a high society tea tasting, complete with multiple tea selections and a variety of hors d’oeuvres.

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