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Rep. Chris Hansen takes Colorado’s net neutrality debate national

The bill passed the Democratic-held House last week on a 34-28 party-line vote. It’s scheduled to be heard Monday afternoon by the Republican majority on the Senate State, Veteran and Military Affairs Committee, called the “kill committee” in each chamber because it’s where partisan bills go to die.


After alleging the conservatives op-ed authors didn’t actually read the Colorado, Hansen explained it in his piece in The Hill.


“State Rep. Leslie Herod and I introduced H.B. 18-1312 to do two things to stop this potential erosion of our open society. First, we put in a net-neutral service preference when state taxpayer dollars are being spent on internet services,” he wrote. “Second, the bill requires any company providing internet services using state support (e.g., rural broadband support programs) to commit to net neutrality. Companies are free to provide services in other ways to other customers. That’s the essence of the state being a market participant, and not a regulator.”




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