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Civil rights commission up for dogfight in Senate committee Wednesday

Wednesday’s biggest dogfight at the state Capitol is likely to be over House Bill 1256, the measure to reauthorize the state’s Division of Civil Rights and Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The bill is scheduled for the Senate Judiciary Committee at 1:30 p.m.

The measure cleared the House on March 21 on a 36-26 vote. Despite Republican claims that they always have intended to allow the commission and division to continue, 26 of the House’s 28 Republicans (at that time) voted against the reauthorization bill.

During its time in the House, Republicans tried to amend the bill, which contained only the reauthorization and nothing else, to change the appointment structure and to strip the commission of its right to review Division decisions.

The fight this session has been over religious beliefs and whether people should be allowed discriminate against LGBTQ persons because of those religious beliefs.

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