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Republicans, Democrats launch Colorado’s 2018 election at precinct caucuses

Thousands of Republicans and Democrats are gathering at precinct caucuses across Colorado in schools, churches and community centers Tuesday night to conduct nuts-and-bolts politics as the election season officially kicks off.

For months, candidates have been urging supporters to turn out at the neighborhood meetings, where voters will begin the process of placing names on the June primary ballot, consider resolutions that might become part of party platforms and take care of party business at the grassroots level.

There will only be one official statewide vote at the meetings — a preference poll between Democratic gubernatorial candidates — but in every precinct, party members will select delegates bound for assemblies, where they’ll nominate candidates at all levels, from county commissioners to Congress, along with statewide offices.

The Democrats don’t expect to announce the results of their statewide poll for governor until the wee hours Tuesday night, or possibly Wednesday morning, but it could prove decisive for some of the candidates hoping to take over for term-limited Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat.

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