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“We have to look at the proliferation of the use of ketamine throughout Colorado and we need to rein it in,” said Rep. Leslie Herod, a member of the Black Democratic Legislative Caucus.

She questioned medics’ use of ketamine, a powerful anesthetic, on Elijah McClain one...

"The Black, Indigenous and People of Color community of the University of Colorado Boulder campus, joined by Democratic state Rep. Leslie Herod, have called for campus police funding divestment in favor of investment in assisting students of color.

“Our students of colo...

"The law, written by Rep. Leslie Herod, a Denver Democrat who chairs the state’s Black Democratic Legislative Caucus, was the first nationally to give victims of police violence the right to sue an officer directly.

“If they’re leaving because of this accountability, th...

"This is a historic moment," said Colorado state Rep. Leslie Herod, a Denver Democrat and chairwoman of Colorado's Black Democratic Legislative Caucus. "People are starting to listen to Black people and Black voices and the things that we have talked about — racism, in...

"The parents of Elijah McClain, a Black man who died last year after police twice put him in a chokehold and paramedics sedated him, have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The lawsuit names as defendants the city of Aurora, Colo., as well as numerous Aurora police o...

"It is time that we #trustblackwomen with the keys to the oval," tweeted state Rep. Leslie Herod, a Colorado co-chair of Harris' presidential campaign. "Biden made the right choice. On to November!"

Herod introduced Harris at a packed gymnasium at Denver's Manual High S...

"Colorado State Rep. Leslie Herod who wrote the initial version of the law proposed in the House was less sympathetic to Pride’s concerns, stating, “If officers are rethinking [their career] because of a law of integrity and accountability, then they shouldn’t be in th...

"Protesters might have actually known when they were about to be teargassed or shot with rubber bullets. There were not disbursement orders, we know that now," State Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver) said of the protests in Denver this summer that followed George Floyd's de...

"Colorado became the first state since the police murder of George Floyd and mass uprising to lift the qualified immunity of police officers. That measure is part of a broad police accountability and reform legislation restricting the use of force by officers and banni...

Envision:You will recognize Colorado State Representative Leslie Herod and the Mental Health Center of Denver at the annual Envision:You Garden Party, scheduled August 1, with their first annual Lean on Me Award.

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