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"A bill is moving through the state legislature which would allow pharmacists to dispense HIV prevention drugs without a prescription from a doctor. The bill passed out of its first committee on Friday."

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"This bill will bar discrimination based on ethnic hair styles," Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver) said. "They have the ability to bring this to the civil rights commission and file a claim."

"The bill applies all races, and to both men and women."

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“Two lawmakers, Rep. Leslie Herod and Sen. Julie Gonzales, introduced a bill earlier this month that would allow the re-opening of a closed state prison to replace private prison beds and would require the Colorado Department of Corrections to study how it could end th...

“It’s time we make a clear statement in Colorado that discrimination in that form is not OK and be very explicit in the fact that people who choose to wear their hairstyle in way that reflects their culture, their heritage, that that should be embraced and not discrimi...

“Thank you to Rep. Alex Valdez and Rep. Leslie Herod for introducing this bill to help reduce the rates of HIV infection in Colorado.

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"The "private prison industry is getting out of prisons," Herod said. "Cities and states are being very clear" that there should not be a profit motive for prisons.

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“Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, a Boulder Democrat, Rep. Leslie Herod, a Democrat representing District 9, and Rep. Julie McCluskie, a Democrat representing District 61, plan to sponsor the “Get On Your Feet” bill, modeled after a program established a few years...

"The national polls are wide open — you see movement and change pretty often, so I think Colorado (also) is still deciding where we are in the primary,” Herod said. But she will be watching for candidates to address the concerns of Colorado, she said, and hire Colorada...

“It’s really about access to justice,” said Rep. Leslie Herod, a Democrat from Denver who serves as vice chair on the House Judiciary Committee. Herod said her goal is to “dismantle the racism and the classism” that exists within Colorado’s criminal justice system."


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