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By staying home and avoiding social contacts, each of us can play a critical role in saving lives during the COVID-19 epidemic. If you are able to help further by donating money, donating blood, donating medical supplies, or volunteering, please do so through the links below.
Contribute Money

Donate Items

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): If you have small quantities of supplies to contribute (1 - 25 boxes), donate to the Denver public health department or fill out a form for larger donations: click here

  • Blood donors are desperately needed - check your eligibility here and make an appointment here

  • Laptops are needed to ensure that every child has access to computers for online and distance learning: click here

  • Coordinate a restaurant meal donation to your local hospital.

  • Health care: If you have health care experience or are a health care student, please sign up to volunteer at a hospital here.

  • General volunteering: If you would like to volunteer for other roles, including administrative, client advocacy, construction, mental wellness, food bank support, language skills, healthcare, volunteer management, childcare and delivery of goods, click here.

  • Homelessness: Denver is working to support residents who are experiencing homelessness and in need of shelter. They have an immediate need for volunteers to support this work. If you are healthy, willing and not in an at-risk category, email to sign up and someone will contact you with more information.

Last updated on Monday, May 4th


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