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Small businesses are also often the canary in the coal mine - an early warning that economic health may be strengthening or starting to fade. As of 2021, small businesses make up over 99.5% of all businesses in Colorado. Our industry has grown substantially in the past 5 years with a total of 674,741 small businesses in 2021. Adequately supporting this industry is critical to our communities and the economic health of our state.
Small Business & Workforce Development. 

Leslie is a small business owner and believes that small businesses are the backbone of our community—not only creating new jobs but also helping us create livable, walkable communities and places for us to gather. 


The past few years Leslie has have opened up opportunities for local winemakers [HB17-1145], increased access and equity for entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry [SB21-111]​, allocated millions of dollars to support the recovery of small businesses [HB21-1302], and ensured that COVID recovery funds were equitably distributed, reaching minority owned businesses across the state [SB21-001, SB20B-001]]. 


​No industry was left unscathed from COVID-19, including small businesses. Small businesses employ 48% of Colorado's workforce. Moreover, to achieve a full economic recovery, we must prioritize the small business sector. Leslie continues to work with small business leaders across the state to develop innovative policy solutions that promote small business growth and workforce development. 

Working Families.  
Working families are the backbone of the middle-class. Many Coloradans are working harder and longer hours and have not seen their wages increase. The growing income inequality in Colorado is a warning of a deeper problem - those who can afford influence are picking winners and losers, while the middle class is being hung out to dry. It’s leaving families frustrated and stressed, taking opportunities away despite their hard work. Leslie will continue fighting for policies that allow Colorado families to thrive. 


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