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Everyone in Colorado must have access to clean water, clean air and a healthy environment. We depend on all of these to keep our bodies—and our minds—healthy.  


We’ve seen a lot of accomplishments in recent years. Colorado has passed many measures on renewable and clean energy requirements and initiatives, energy efficiency, water conservation, healthy rivers initiatives and stronger environmental protections for fossil fuel development.


Leslie increased solar energy devices in Colorado by limiting the amount of fees that can be charged by local and state entities [SB17-179], created the Outdoor Equity Grant Program, which supports organizations striving to promote equitable access to the outdoors [HB21-1318], and advocated for numerous pieces of legislation to protect environmental health. 


We are proud of our remarkable state whose mountains and wilderness draw people from all over the world. But we have more work ahead of us. Leslie continues to work with activists, community leaders, state entities, and lawmakers to ensure that Colorado remains a leader in this area.


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