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Higher education institutions around the country have closed due to COVID-19, sending hundreds of thousands of students home early. Some institutions are offering resources to help meet basic needs. See below for resources and information on delaying payment of federally-serviced student loans without penalty.
Current Students
  • For a guide offering a few of the ways that institutions are stepping up to meet students' basic needs, including buying food and paying bills (provided by CoPIRG Foundation), click here.

Student Loans

  • Federally-serviced student loan interest rates have been reduced to 0%.

  • All borrowers will automatically be placed on an administrative forbearance which will temporarily suspend monthly payments. The administrative forbearance will last until Sept. 30, 2020. A borrower can request that this administrative forbearance be removed at any time: click here.

  • For guidance on how to navigate student debt during the COVID-19 pandemic (provided by New Era Colorado), click here.

Last updated on Wednesday, April 8th


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