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The numbers below provide a snapshot of COVID-19 infections in the City of Denver, Colorado, The United States, and around the world. Please keep in mind that the number of confirmed cases is a reflection of the number of people tested and will always be less than the actual number of cases, since many people with a mild case do not receive a test.
Denver [Source]
  • Total cases: 4,797

  • Total deaths: 252 

Colorado [Source]
  • Total cases: 20,797

  • Total deaths: 1,299

United States [Source]
  • States with the highest number of total cases

    • New York: 359,235 cases, 28,540 deaths

    • New Jersey:  150,399 cases

    • Illinois: 98,300 cases

    • Massachusetts: 87,925 cases

Global [Source]
  • Hotspots with more than 4,000 new cases on Tuesday

    • United States: 22,140 new cases, 1,403 new deaths

    • Brazil: 21,472 new cases, 911  new deaths 

    • Russia: 8,764 new cases, 135 new deaths

    • India: 5,553 new cases, 132 new deaths 

Last updated on Wednesday, May 20th