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The power to choose who governs is one of an essential rights Americans share. Broad political participation ensures that all our rights and freedoms will be preserved.  

Protecting Voting Rights

Voting should be accessible and easy for all eligible voters.  Colorado’s 2014 Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act went a long way to improving accessibility to the ballot box. The Act provides for same-day registration and for all registered voters to receive a ballot by mail. Yet voting rights remain under attack.


Leslie’s Plan - We must work diligently to ensure that voting rights are protected and accessible for all voters. My plan will: 


  • work with election administrators and voting rights organizations to create more flexibility in voting including expanded early voting and poll hours;

  • advance voting rights for all Coloradans including parolees;  

  • fend off any efforts to dismantle or undo gains in voting rights and ballot access;

  • oppose any effort to limit access to voting like photo identification laws; and,

  • continue to work with the Secretary of State and other election officials to address technology issues, which can make our systems susceptible to fraud and also render access to the ballot box more difficult.



Increasing Transparency in Campaigns

Every campaign season there is a barrage of political advertisements and many from individuals and groups unknown. This is breaking down the integrity of our democracy.


Leslie’s Plan - We must rid the electoral process of shadowy influencers who refuse to release the names of their donors, thereby restoring citizen trust in the democratic process. My plan will:


  • work to increase transparency in our campaign finance system, including creating a website that provides all information that can be obtained about each entity running commercials concerning Colorado’s elections;

  • ensure that our campaign finance laws are adequately enforced and that the punishment for violations are fair and just and also sufficient to deter further violations.